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Catering Table display

Temporary refrigerated storage from Polar Leasing is the perfect choice for catering facilities; both large and small. We understand the challenges associated with feeding large groups in a short period of time; especially given the standard of quality and service your customers expect at a catered event. Polar Leasing's unique ability to provide easy-to-use short term refrigeration, sets it apart from the competition; leaving your customers with a great impression of your work. 

Advantages of Portable Catering Refrigerators

Our attractive easy-to-use catering refrigerators can be placed directly behind your kitchen, or mobilized for off-site catering events, and are ideal for:


Units set directly on the ground, providing a safe work environment and easy access to your product. Plus, our compact footprint can fit within the boundaries of one single parking space and operate off a simple electrical connection. No loud generators, heavy ramps or diesel fumes!