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Polar Leasing Dallas serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area and offers Dallas area walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer rentals. Two depots, in the heart of Dallas County, offer both long- and short-term rental solutions, as well as emergency cooler and freezer rentals. Polar Leasing Dallas offers ground resting cooler rentals and freezer rentals with temperature ranges from 35°F (2°C) to -10°F (-23°C) and various sizes including 8’x10’ and 8’x20’. 

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Polar Leasing Dallas Provides Convenient Refrigerated and Freezer Storage Solutions

Freestanding walk-in units set directly on the ground, providing a safe work environment and easy access to products. Plus, our compact footprint can fit within the boundaries of one single parking space and operate off a simple electrical connection. No loud generators and no diesel fumes. With both short and long-term rental options, Polar Leasing is the perfect option for your next project or emergency situation. 

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With thousands of rental units and hundreds of distribution depots nationwide, Polar Leasing offers the largest electric freezer and refrigeration fleet in North America. To find a Polar Leasing depot in the city of Dallas, contact Polar Leasing Dallas at 877-826-0168 or by email at sales@polarleasing.com.

Call Polar Leasing today for all your emergency refrigeration and freezer rentals: 877-826-0168