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Polar Leasing: Elevating Cold Chain Solutions in the Life Science Supply Chain. Since 2002, Polar Leasing has stood as a frontrunner in the manufacturing of compliant temperature-controlled cold rooms, specifically tailored for applications within the biological, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors. Committed to excellence, Polar Leasing takes pride in supporting the life science supply chain with state-of-the-art solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements of temperature-sensitive industries.

Reliability in Compliance

Polar Leasing’s temperature-controlled cold rooms, rigorously validated for temperature accuracy, boast an optional redundant refrigeration system. In industries where compliance is non-negotiable, such as pharmaceuticals, maintaining a consistent and secure cold chain is paramount. Our one-piece fiberglass cold rooms ensure not only temperature control but also rapid temperature recovery times, impeccable sanitation standards, and the assurance that your valuable products remain safe.

Pharmaceutical and Cold Chain Applications

Throughout the various stages of the cold chain, Polar Leasing’s redundant refrigeration temperature-controlled cold room rentals find indispensable utility. From research and development to clinical trials, preconditioning gel packs, and pre-transport storage, our solutions provide on-site flexibility for temporary refrigeration needs anywhere in the cold chain.

Diverse Industry Usage

Polar Leasing’s impact extends across a spectrum of pharmaceutical applications, including biomaterials, research and development, clinical trials, bulk drug storage, vaccine storage, packaging facilities, gel pack conditioning, PCM conditioning, overflow capacities, and seasonal and transport storage.

Cold Chain

Location and Availability

Polar Leasing takes pride in offering local distribution of temperature-controlled cold room rentals throughout the United States, with depots in nearly every state. Our extensive fleet, comprising thousands of rental units and supported by hundreds of distribution depots nationwide, makes Polar Leasing the provider of the largest electric refrigerated fleet in North America.

Ease of Cold Chain Integration

All Polar Leasing units are delivered pre-assembled and ready to operate, requiring only a simple electrical connection. This eliminates the need for on-site assembly or refrigeration installation, allowing units to be conveniently placed anywhere on your property. Our units are delivered on flatbed roll-off trucks, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Polar Leasing’s dedication to providing top-notch solutions in compliant temperature-controlled cold rooms has positioned it as a vital supporter of the life science supply chain. With a focus on reliability, compliance, and convenience, Polar Leasing continues to be the go-to choice for pharmaceutical companies seeking impeccable solutions for their temperature-sensitive distribution needs. For more information on our line of cooler and freezer rentals, contact Polar Leasing today.