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Refrigeration Rental

Why Use Polar Leasing Units Over A Trailer Rental?

For many companies, the “go-to” option is a refrigerated trailer rental. Let’s look at some of the differences between a refrigerated trailer rental and a refrigeration rental unit from Polar Leasing.

No Hidden Costs

Polar Leasing units are powered by on-site electrical power. This not only eliminates the high cost of diesel fuel, but also eliminates the noise and emissions from a continuously running engine.

Easy Access

Polar Leasing units all offer ground-level access. Entering and exiting is as simple as opening a door and walking through it. This eliminates the potential problems and liabilities of a raised trailer.

Proper Design

Refrigerated trailer rentals are usually not designed to be refrigeration units. With low insulation amounts, moisture can build inside the unit, but units from Polar Leasing only do one thing — keep your items at the temperature you want them.

Easily Transportable

All Polar Leasing units are delivered at the exact location where you need them pre-assembled and ready to work. After you no longer need your unit, Polar Leasing will return to retrieve it so that you’re never left trying to figure out what to do yourself.

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