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Polar Leasing Company, Inc. announces Speed’s Towing as its newest depot location. Speed’s Towing will now offer Polar Leasing Company’s innovative, ground-resting outdoor walk-in freezer and refrigerated rental units to the Pacific Northwest.

Polar Leasing Company provides North America’s largest fleet of its kind and leases units exclusively through its national distribution network. “We are excited to work with Polar Leasing and proud of our new role as a depot for the industry leader in cold storage,” says Devin Edwards, Speed’s Towing’s president.

About Speed’s Towing

Located in Portland, Oregon, Speed’s Towing, already well known for its top-notch roadside assistance and car carrier capabilities, can now meet customers’ needs for rental refrigerated containers.

Speed's Towing

“Polar Leasing is expanding our footprint across the United States. We are growing our business by adding depots like Speed’s Towing that prioritize a customer’s need for mobile units,” says Bart Tippmann, president of Polar Leasing. “Having a partner in Speed’s Towing allows us to bring Portland, and the rest of the Pacific Northwest, our state-of-the-art refrigerated containers.”

He adds, “Both of our companies are family-owned and hold similar values. We are confident in knowing that Speed’s shares our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service.”

Polar Leasing’s walk-in commercial refrigerator and freezer rentals are an efficient way to supplement the refrigeration and freezer needs in every industry. The state-of-the-art walk-in units are simple to set up, feature a small footprint, and only require an electrical hookup to get started. Easy-to-use and hassle-free, the short-term units are perfect for many commercial needs, from food and pharmaceutical storage to emergency situations and disaster response.

For more information about Polar Leasing, call 877-428-2532, or visit To learn more about Speed’s Towing, call 503-234-5555, or visit

About Polar Leasing

In early 2002, Polar Leasing Company, Inc., was created by Polar King to accommodate the growing demand for walk-in refrigeration rentals. It has expanded its walk-in rental fleet to cover most of the United States and other parts of North America, offering both short- and long-term rentals to industries of all types. Within the last 5 years, we began the process of building a specific division dedicated to the Life Science Supply Chain. Polar Leasing offers the largest all-electric fleet of temporary refrigeration, with more than 80 distribution depots and a 24/7 service hotline. For more information, visit or contact Polar Leasing, 4410 New Haven Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 USA. In an emergency, call 866-574-4573 or write