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Whether you require temporary storage space during your most demanding time of year or extended long term storage, Polar Leasing can provide added refrigeration and freezer options. With hundreds of distribution depots nationwide and thousands of rental units available, Polar Leasing offers the largest electric freezer and refrigeration fleet in North America. Additionally, our fleet size will grow even more in 2016, as we have an added 200 units in production.

All of our refrigeration and freezer rental units are easy to use and come delivered pre-assembled and ready to operate. Our refrigeration and freezer units provide temperature ranges from 45 degrees down to -10 degrees. Polar Leasing rental units are available in both ground resting and pull behind trailers and come in various sizes ranging from 6’x8’ to 14’x56’.

  • Fleet Size: 937 Rental Units
  • Hundreds of Distribution Depots Nationwide
  • Ground Resting and Pull Behind Trailers Available
  • Temperature ranges from 45 degrees down to -10 degrees
  • Units Ranging from 6’x8’ to 14’x56’

At Polar Leasing, we offer the flexibility of both long and short term rentals and we can meet the demands for additional or emergency storage solutions. To find a Polar Leasing depot near you, contact Polar Leasing today!