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Portable Freezers & Cold Storage Containers

Portable Freezers and Cold Storage Containers

There are times when you need extra cold storage space beyond what you already have in place. Maybe you need cold storage for the first time. Whatever the case may be, you need cold storage that will not interfere with daily operations or take up space at your business.

Polar Leasing has a simple, cost-effective option with numerous portable freezer rentals. The freezer units offer many advantages over other options and will help you find the perfect solution for your situation.

Portable Units Go Where You Need Them

Polar Leasing’s portable cold storage containers and portable freezers can be placed almost anywhere that’s convenient for you and your business. Pavement, grass, gravel, and even uneven surfaces are all available for consideration when deciding where Polar Leasing can place your portable freezer.

If you’re catering an event, our units can be placed on-site, wherever it will best serve your needs. As a bonus, our portable freezer options are all attractive, which gives you the appearance of professionalism that your business needs while performing services on location.

These units are also perfect for use when your business is setting up at fairs, festivals, or other public events. The clean, professional appearance of our units will make you stand out from the competition, especially noisy rental trucks.

Additional Storage At Your Disposal

No matter how experienced your staff is, there are times when demand doesn’t meet your pre-ordered supply of goods. At that point, you may need more cold storage than you normally do to make sure your inventory doesn’t go to waste.

Alternatively, you may need additional storage at certain busy times of the year. If you have a peak season at your business, you can better prepare for it by contacting Polar Leasing. With one of our portable cold storage containers on-site, you can build up your stock with no problem. This additional supply will help you to serve as many customers as you can during peak seasons to maximize your profits.

Meeting Your Construction Needs

Another good use for a portable freezer from Polar Leasing is during construction or remodeling of your location. No matter the reason, construction can lead to disruptions in your business, and that can lead to the cost of lost inventory in your freezer. With a portable freezer from Polar Leasing, you can rest easy knowing one mistake by a member of the construction crew won’t affect inventory and overhead costs.

Try Something New

You may find yourself wanting to try new items for your menu, but your current cold storage only gives you enough room to store the items you need for your current menu. A portable unit from Polar Leasing will give you the additional cold storage to test an expanded menu without sacrificing current offerings.

Don’t Miss A Good Deal

Sometimes, it makes more sense for your business to buy items in bulk. This can give you a cheaper cost per item on your menu, which increases your profit margin. Also, you may have an unexpected slowdown in business, which can lead to more inventory on hand than you can comfortably store until they’re needed.

Our portable cold storage containers can be delivered to your location fairly quickly, in some instances 12-24 hours depending on availability and delivery schedules. That means you can handle any surprises your business throws you in a timely manner.

Moreover, with the ability to be placed anywhere, a Polar Leasing portable freezer can be placed directly outside your kitchen area, giving your staff easy access to what they need to keep your business running.

Speaking of Easy Access…

Unlike other portable freezer rental options, Polar Leasing units are not on a trailer. This means they’re at ground-level, which eliminates the hassle of entering or exiting your unit using steps or a ramp. Ramps can be dangerous even on the best days, so avoiding this obstacle is always a great idea.

Polar Leasing units have one other difference that can save you money. Unlike truck-based portable cold storage containers, Polar Leasing portable walk-in freezers don’t require an engine to provide refrigeration. With a simple hook-up to your existing electrical system or a generator, Polar Leasing units run quietly without hazardous fumes for as long as you need.

The Best Option For You

The experts at Polar Leasing have worked hard to provide the absolute best choice for portable freezer rentals and leasing.

The units not only meet OSHA and Health Department standards — they exceed them.  They are designed to not only be quiet and efficient, but also to have a clean appearance that will make you look like the professional company you are.

They offer bright interior lighting and a ground-level entrance. The self-closing hinges help prevent employees from accidentally leaving the door open and spoiling inventory. As you can see, the portable freezer units are made with business owners in mind.