Cold room rentals

Polar Leasing’s temperature controlled cold room rental units are walk-in combination freezer/refrigeration units specifically designed and engineered for customers operating in the pharmaceutical cold chain. Each custom-built cold room has an option for rental validation. For added efficiency and to further protect the integrity of the products stored inside, each cold room rental features vinyl strip curtains to reduce the amount of cold loss or heat gain.

Temperature-controlled cold rooms for rent

Polar Leasing currently supplies cold rooms for rent to many pharmaceutical companies involved in temperature-sensitive distribution. Polar Leasing cold room storage rentals are the perfect on-site solution for temporary refrigeration anywhere throughout the cold chain, for everything from research & development and clinical trial phases to the logistics of pre-conditioning gel packs & PCMs prior to transport.

  • Pre-wired, pre-assembled, and ready to operate. Just make an electrical connection.
  • Electric-powered – no fumes, fuel bills, or diesel engine noise.
  • Can be placed anywhere – grass, gravel, or relatively uneven surfaces.
  • Seamless fiberglass construction is immune to heat, cold, and bad weather.
  • Placed at ground level for easy access – no ramp necessary.
  • Temperature range of 0°F / -18°C to -22°F / -30°C.
  • Perfect for PCM applications.

Additional Features

  • Heavy duty non-skid floor
  • Lockable door latch
  • Self-closing hinges
  • Hasp lock (ext. door)
  • Safety release handle
  • Heated door jamb
  • Magnetic gasket
  • Door closer
  • Sweep seal
  • Low ambient controls
  • Defrost timer
  • Heated relief port
  • Light switch/pilot light
  • Rain cap exterior doors
  • Remote thermometer
  • Interior lighting
  • Crowned roof
  • Heated freezer door

Polar Leasing and Phase Change Materials (PCM)

Phase Change Materials (PCM) are ideal for holding pharmaceutical products at precise temperatures during transport, but in order to maintain the low temperatures required, they must first be charged. Polar Leasing’s cold room storage rental units are designed achieve temperatures as low as -22°F / -30°C , allowing them to charge PCMs and prepare them for transport.


Benefits of PCMs

  • Maintain precise temperatures
  • Reach and maintain sub-zero performance
  • Temperature ranges: 0°c (32°f), -7°c (19.4°f), -16°c (3.2°f), and -21°c (-5.8°f).
  • Reusable and non-toxic
  • Maintain low temperatures 3-5x’s longer than ice or dry ice.

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