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With the largest electric refrigeration fleet in North America, Polar Leasing depots can be found in almost every corner of the country. Polar Leasing Odessa serves Odessa, Texas, walk-in cooler rental and walk-in freezer rental needs, as well as Odessa, Texas, area walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer rentals. The Polar Leasing Odessa depot offers both long- and short-term rental solutions in addition to emergency walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer rentals.  

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Odessa Emergency Refrigeration and Freezer Rentals

Polar Leasing Odessa recognizes that when the temperatures outside increase, so does the load on your refrigeration system. While the yearlong average temperature in Odessa is 77°F, from May to September the average temperature is in the upper 80’s and middle 90’s. This type of sustained heat can cause many problems with inadequate or outdated refrigeration systems. Often these issues will result in lack of refrigeration or a complete system shut down. With the potential for thousands of dollars in products and productivity lost every day due to failed refrigeration and freezer systems, emergency and supplemental refrigeration can be essential to keep your business operational. Renting an emergency or additional walk-in refrigeration unit will not only allow you to minimize downtime but to do so without capital expenditure. Highly efficient and extremely durable, our temporary Odessa refrigeration rental and Odessa freezer rental units are intended to withstand any outside temperature while maintaining the set temperature inside.

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With thousands of rental units and hundreds of distribution depots nationwide, Polar Leasing offers the largest electric freezer and refrigeration fleet in North America. To find a Polar Leasing depot in the city of Odessa, contact Polar Leasing Odessa at 877-826-0168 or by email at sales@polarleasing.com.

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