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Freezer Box Truck Rentals

Freezer Box Truck Rentals

When you need on-site refrigeration, there are many different options to choose from, but they are not all equal. In fact, making the wrong choice can be worse than making no choice at all. At Polar Leasing, industry experts have devoted themselves to creating an option that can meet your exact needs, while avoiding the pitfalls of other methods like freezer box truck rental.

Freezer Trucks

If you need temporary refrigeration, a freezer box truck may sound like the perfect option, but there are problems with choosing this solution. One such problem is the process of loading a box truck. Overhead doors and double-entry door openings can be awkward when trying to move products in and out of a truck, van, or trailer.

A freezer box truck provides a compartment with a cooling equipment system installed that can keep your items stored at a cold temperature. However, if you do not need your cooling system to move from one location to another, it can wind up costing you quite a bit more than just the truck rental fees.

Cooling systems on a freezer box truck only function while the truck is running. If your needs are for a cooling solution in one location only, this means the truck will be burning fuel continuously while the cooling compartment is in operation. In addition, opening the freezer doors and allowing heat to enter the space, will put the products at risk and create a new set of issues.

The portable freezer units supplied by Polar Leasing are wired into your electrical system, eliminating the need for keeping a truck fueled and running.

Noise and Odor

With a truck running non-stop, you will also have to endure the non-stop noise of the engine, as well as the smell of the exhaust.

With Polar Leasing, you won’t have to deal with any noise or odor.  Polar Leasing can place one of our units on any flat surface with no problem. If you are inside an empty lot, garage, or even in a warehouse, it will truly be a “set it and forget it” solution. There is no need to keep a check on the fuel levels of a truck. You simply get refrigeration where and when you need it.

Ease of Entry

This is an aspect of a portable refrigeration unit that most don’t think of until it is too late. When you decide to use a freezer box truck for rent, usually your access to your items will be using a ramp leading up into the back of the truck. This ramp adds an extra layer of hassle for you and your employees. It is also more hazardous than simply opening the ground-level door and walking inside as you can do with a unit from Polar Leasing.

Avoid the Mess

While freezer trucks do offer a cooling solution for inventory, some compromises are made when fitting a cooling equipment system into a vehicle.

Depending on how it is constructed, a freezer box truck can have seams that allow problems to occur. Also, not every freezer box truck is properly insulated, meaning the cooling efficiency suffers. When that happens, it’s a larger problem than just a struggle to maintain the proper temperature. Variations like these can lead to moisture building up inside the truck, which can then lead to bacteria gaining a foothold inside the cooling compartment.

The portable freezer units offered at Polar Leasing avoid these problems because they’re designed and built like a traditional commercial refrigeration unit. There are no compromises that need to be made to fit this technology into a vehicle. The units are designed with just one purpose in mind — keeping your items at the safe and proper temperature.

But Aren’t Freezer Box Trucks Convenient?

This is a common thought, but let’s look at the situation.

When you rent a freezer box truck, it will be driven to your location and parked where you want it. At that point, you can begin to make use of the cooled compartment on the back to keep your items at the proper temperature. Of course, you need to keep in mind where you park it because a running vehicle in an enclosed space can be hazardous to you and your employees.

Simple enough, right? But that’s not the end of the process with a freezer box truck. Someone will have to be responsible for keeping a check on the fuel level in the truck because if the truck runs out of fuel, the cooling stops. This includes overnight and on weekends, which means that you’ll not only be spending additional money on fuel, but you’ll be using working hours that could be used for more productive activities.

While you’re scheduling workers to check on the fuel levels, you also need to schedule someone to check on your items inside the truck. If the insulation isn’t adequate or the construction seams aren’t properly sealed, moisture and other problems could build up over a relatively short amount of time inside the refrigeration compartment.

Compare that scenario to working with Polar Leasing. You can easily contact the industry experts and they deliver to the location you need on-the-spot refrigeration. The units simply need to be wired into an existing electrical system, and then it will be good to go. If the power’s on, your portable freezer is up and running.

Polar Leasing provides units for every industry-from restaurants and catering to biotechnology and construction companies. There are also options available for both short-term and long-term leasing on units of many different sizes and almost any application.

The units are built to be as close to a built-in refrigeration unit’s specs as is possible, including bright interior lighting, which is a feature that many freezer box trucks don’t provide. This allows you and your employees to make use of our unit with both hands free, instead of trying to carry a flashlight.

There is no exhaust, no engine noise, and no refueling necessary. Once the unit is on-site and hooked into the electrical system, it works. Ordering, delivery, and pick-up are all fast and simple. Polar Leasing is ready to help you 24 hours a day.

You have more important things to worry about than wondering if your portable refrigeration unit is about to run out of fuel. Call Polar Leasing now to learn more about our solutions!