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Pharmaceutical products are more reliant than ever on temperature-controlled systems and active compliant temperature-controlled systems. They must provide accurate and consistent temperatures in order to avoid contamination or product loss due to improper storage and distribution.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Cooler Rentals

At Polar Leasing, we understand that maintaining uniform temperature is a critical factor in the cold chain. Our one-piece fiberglass cold rooms maintain temperature control, offer quick temperature recovery times, provide excellent sanitation standards, and offer peace of mind that your product is safe. Whether it’s during the research and development stage, during the clinical trial phase, preconditioning gel packs or while a product is sitting on a tarmac waiting for the shipment to clear customs, our refrigeration rentals are the perfect solution to temporary refrigeration needs anywhere throughout the cold chain.

1. Reduce Capital Expenses

By utilizing Polar Leasing onsite temporary refrigeration for use in the pharmaceutical cold chain you can remove the capital expenses of purchasing. Not only is renting more economical, but it is also safer for your product. Avoid unnecessary freight charges and potential product damage due to shipping to and from a central location. Reduce the risk of temperature-sensitive materials falling outside of a safe temperature range during unnecessary additional shipments. Onsite rented refrigeration throughout the cold chain offers instant access to products, decreases overall costs, and gives you peace of mind knowing your product is safe.

2. Easy to Use

Polar Leasing walk-in temperature-controlled cold rooms simplify the complexities of cold chain storage. Not only are Polar Leasing units convenient, but they are also easy to use and operate. Since all Polar Leasing units are electric, there are no loud diesel generators, fumes, or fuel costs. Units are delivered on a flatbed roll-off truck and can be placed nearly anywhere on your property. Additionally, the ground resting design allows for easy entry; no ramps or hard to open doors.

Location and Availability

Pharmaceutical refrigeration needs can arise at nearly any time and in some cases, they can be an emergency. Polar Leasing offers local distribution of temperature-controlled cold room rentals throughout the United States and has a depot located in nearly every state. With thousands of rental units available and hundreds of distribution depots located nationwide, Polar Leasing offers the largest electric refrigerated fleet in North America. Ground resting temperature-controlled cold room rentals provide temperature ranges from 8°C to -23°C and are available in standard sizes of 8’x10’ and 8’x20’.

  • Exceed Health Department & OSHA Standards
  • Immediate Availability
  • Place Units on any Surface
  • Quiet & Efficient Operation
  • NSF Certified

Secure Pharmaceutical Refrigeration Rental

Polar Leasing maintains all temperature-controlled cold rooms by offering 24/7 service, optional dataloggers, temperature validation reports, and custom unit options for long-term rentals. From raw materials storage to worldwide customer distribution, Polar Leasing temperature-controlled cold room rentals offer secure temporary cold storage throughout the entire cold chain.

About Polar Leasing

With both long and short-term storage solutions available, Polar Leasing specializes in temporary freezer rentals, refrigerator rentals, and portable warehousing. Designed around the specific needs of the rental market, every Polar Leasing unit is built to the highest quality standards, with a patented seamless fiberglass design. Contact us for a quote.