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Polar Leasing has been providing refrigerator and freezer rentals throughout the United States and Canada. With thousands of rental units available and hundreds of distribution depots, Polar Leasing offers the largest electric refrigerated fleet in North America.

When it comes to quality, you can trust Polar Leasing. Every walk-in unit is built to the highest quality standards with a patented seamless fiberglass construction. That means that as the outdoor conditions change, Polar Leasing units will perform as intended and maintain their efficiency.

In the case you do have an issue with your Polar Leasing unit, this blog will provide some trouble shooting tips.

Polar Leasing Trouble Shooting Tips

The unit shut off.

The unit will go into a defrost cycle 4 times a day that lasts no longer than 30 minutes per cycle.  The compressor and fans will not run, and water will drip from the drain on line on the exterior side wall of the unit. (That’s the 1st thing I have them do…go look at the drain line.).

The unit is running a little warm/cold.

There is a dial thermostat mounted on the inside wall of the unit near the fans.  This is adjustable and can be set to a range of -10F to 45F.

The lights aren’t working.

Check to see if your electrician ran the proper wiring.  Unit must have 2 hot, a ground, AND a Neutral.  No neutral and you will not have lights.

There is ice buildup on the floor near the door.

Remind staff to close the door when loading or unloading products.

The temperature spikes and slowly pulls back down.

Remind staff to close the door when loading or unloading products.

There is a pool of water collecting on the floor below the fans.

The unit is not level, and the water is pouring over the drain pan during defrost cycle.

I need the unit to achieve -20 degrees.

Our units are sized to achieve -10.  If you would like a colder capacity, call our home office for specialty unit availability.

The unit takes too long to get to temp after loading.

Are you putting in warm or room temperature product?  Our units are designed to keep cold products cold.  We do not offer Blast Freezers.

About Polar Leasing

In early 2002, Polar Leasing Company, Inc., was created by Polar King to accommodate the growing demand for walk-in refrigeration rentals. It has expanded its walk-in rental fleet to cover most of the United States and other parts of North America, offering both short- and long-term rentals to industries of all types. Within the last five years, Polar Leasing began the process of building a specific division dedicated to the Life Science Supply Chain. Polar Leasing offers the largest all-electric fleet of temporary refrigeration, with more than 80 distribution depots and a 24/7 service hotline. For more information, visit or contact Polar Leasing, 4410 New Haven Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 USA. In an emergency, call (877) 674-1348 or write