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Commercial Refrigerators and Coolers

Have temporary cold storage challenges? Whether you need an emergency backup unit, reliable storage for lab work, or anything in between, Polar Leasing has the solutions you’re looking for. We deliver your outdoor walk-in cooler rental to your location of choice and place it at ground level, fully assembled and ready to go, needing only a simple electrical connection. Our stationary units are easy to use and hassle-free, eliminating the fumes, air, and noise pollution you get with inefficient reefer trucks or trailers. The durable fiberglass construction of our units stands up to the harshest weather conditions without transferring heat, making our commercial refrigerator rentals as efficient as they are convenient. With the largest electric-powered refrigeration fleet in North America, Polar Leasing can provide walk-in cooler rentals of whatever size, scope, or term length you need.


  • Pre-wired, pre-assembled, and ready to operate. Just make an electrical connection.
  • Electric-powered – no fumes, fuel bills, or diesel engine noise.
  • Able to be placed anywhere – grass, gravel, or moderately uneven surfaces.
  • Energy-efficient with seamless fiberglass construction for all weather conditions. 
  • Placed at ground level for easy access – no ramp necessary.
  • Versatile, with operating temperatures ranging from 35°F / 2°C to -10°F / -23°C

Available Models

8’ × 10’ Walk-in
8’ × 20’ Walk-in

Additional Features

Instead of using polystyrene or polyurethane insulation that may have air pockets that allow heat to enter, Polar King walk-in cooler rentals use polyisocyanurate rigid board insulation covered by a seamless fiberglass layer for maximum energy efficiency. The continuous fiberglass provides for all-weather protection outside and an easy-to-clean, sanitary surface inside.

  • Heavy duty non-skid floor
  • Lockable door latch
  • Self-closing hinges
  • Hasp lock on exterior door
  • Safety release handle
  • Heated door jamb
  • Magnetic gasket
  • Door closer
  • Sweep seal
  • Low ambient controls
  • Defrost timer
  • Heated relief port
  • Light switch/pilot light
  • Rain cap exterior doors
  • Remote thermometer
  • Interior lighting
  • Crowned roof
  • Heated freezer door

Popular applications

Restaurants & emergency

Add additional cold storage during peak times or backup for failed equipment.

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Get temperature-validated dual-temperature refrigeration for sensitive products.

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Food distribution

Skip the reefer truck hassle and provide your customers with stationary cold storage.


How a Walk-In Cooler Works

Commercial refrigerators are typically insulated cold storage spaces that maintain a temperature of 35-41°F. When the temperature inside of the unit rises above the cooler’s set point, refrigerant enters the compressor as a low-pressure, low-temperature gas from the exterior of the unit. As the refrigerant compresses, its temperature increases proportionately. The gas then passes to the exterior of the unit, radiating excess heat and reducing the refrigerant’s temperature. The refrigerant next passes through an expansion device that relieves its pressure and decreases its temperature, causing it to change state into a liquid form before crossing into the interior of the unit. The now-cooler refrigerant absorbs heat from the insulated space and begins the process again until the unit reaches its desired set point.

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