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Commercial Walk In Cooler & Refrigerator Rentals

Commercial Refrigerators and Coolers

  • Pre-wired, pre-assembled, and ready to operate. Just make an electrical connection.
  • Electric-powered – no fumes, fuel bills, or diesel engine noise.
  • Can be placed anywhere – grass, gravel, or relatively uneven surfaces.
  • Seamless fiberglass construction is immune to heat, cold, and bad weather.
  • Placed at ground level for easy access – no ramp necessary.
  • Operating temperatures range from 35°F / 2°C to -10°F / -23°C

Polar Leasing’s walk-in commercial refrigerator rentals are an efficient way to supplement the cooling needs of every industry. By renting a Polar Leasing unit, the clients experience numerous benefits from the fiberglass units. The efficient walk-in coolers are simple to set up, with a small footprint, that only require an electrical hookup to get started. Because the units are highly efficient and extremely durable, the seamless fiberglass units are placed directly on the ground and are immune to the weather, heat, and cold. Easy to use and hassle-free, the short term refrigeration units are perfect for any commercial need from food storage to emergency refrigeration needs. The static units also eliminate the headache of renting less efficient reefer trucks or trailers and eliminate the fumes, fuel bills, and engine noise. Lastly, with the largest electric powered refrigeration fleet in North America, Polar Leasing has the ability to serve all commercial refrigeration needs of any size, scope, or term length.

Available Models

8’ × 10’ Walk-in
8’ × 20’ Walk-in

Additional Features

  • Heavy duty non-skid floor
  • Lockable door latch
  • Self-closing hinges
  • Hasp lock (ext. door)
  • Safety release handle
  • Heated door jamb
  • Magnetic gasket
  • Door closer
  • Sweep seal
  • Low ambient controls
  • Defrost timer
  • Heated relief port
  • Light switch/pilot light
  • Rain cap exterior doors
  • Remote thermometer
  • Interior lighting
  • Crowned roof
  • Heated freezer door


How a Walk-In Cooler Works

An average commercial walk-in cooler is a cold storage space that maintains a temperature usually around 35-41 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling cycle is triggered when the temperature rises to a certain level. Once the cooler reaches a certain temperature, the compressor and the condenser fan turn on. The evaporator blows out cold air which travels throughout the cooler. As it travels throughout the cooler, it absorbs heat. The warm air then travels through the evaporator which causes the cooler to decrease in temperature again. Once the walk-in cooler’s temperature decreases to a certain level, the compressor and fan will turn off. However, the evaporator fan will continue to run. If the temperature drops below a certain temperature, it will start a defrost cycle in order to ensure that the system does not freeze up. The highest FDA approved temperature for refrigeration is 41 degrees Fahrenheit and below to avoid any spoilage of the food. The operating temperatures of Polar Leasing products range from 35°F / 2°C to -10°F / -23°C to maintain the quality of the products stored.