Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

Why Choose Polar Leasing Units Over Refrigerated Trailer Rentals?

There are many different reasons a person or business might need temporary refrigerated storage at a location. These can range from construction and remodeling to a wedding or party. Sometimes, these reasons can result in the need for a large refrigeration option, which leads many businesses to choose one of the many refrigerated trailers for rent. Unfortunately, this can lead to more cost than they expect and the potential for many other problems.

Polar Leasing has a solution that eliminates the additional “hidden” costs and helps prevent any further complications from renting a refrigerated trailer for large jobs.

Other companies might offer heavy duty reefer trailers for rent, but Polar Leasing has a solution that eliminates the additional “hidden” costs and helps prevent any further complications from renting a refrigerated trailer for large jobs.

On-The-Go Has A Cost

A reefer trailer rental is designed to help those companies that need portable refrigeration. However, this isn’t the ideal solution for most, especially if they need refrigeration at one location for a length of time.

Refrigerated trailers for rent, being designed to operate both on location and while traveling, have cooling systems linked to the engine of the truck. This means that the engine must be running for the cooling compartment to do its job.

This is the ideal setup for those that need to transport items and inventory while keeping them below a certain temperature. However, if you need that ability at one location, that means you’ll need to keep the truck on and idling the entire time it’s in use.

One fast look at the price of diesel fuel will tell you that this can add up to a significant cost in a short amount of time. Polar Leasing units are powered by being hooked up to your existing electrical system. There’s no need to check the price of diesel fuel every day to see how much money you’re wasting with a Polar Leasing refrigeration unit.

Overhead and double doors on trucks, vans, trailers, etc. can be inconvenient and awkward while moving products in and out of the freezer. Additionally, products can suffer when you open these huge doors because you are allowing heat to enter the space, which can create a new set of problems.

The Sound of Money

That doesn’t even consider the continued noise pollution of the truck’s engine. The noise will not only be annoying to anyone that has to work near it, but it will also be a reminder of the extra cost. The sound of the idling engine is the sound of money going up in smoke.

Also, technology hasn’t advanced to the point where diesel engines operate without emissions. The smell of diesel exhaust will become a familiar odor to anyone at your location after just a day of one of these trucks idling on your property.

The emissions are annoying and potentially hazardous to your employees, while Polar Leasing units run on electricity,  a no emissions, no noise, and no hassle solution.

Easy Access for Anyone

While a reefer trailer lease is indeed portable, it has one major disadvantage that some don’t consider. Being a part of a tractor-trailer rig, the cooled compartment is not at ground level. This means that your employees will be forced to haul your inventory up and down a climb of several feet at worst. In the best case, they will need a ramp to access equipment.

While the ramp may not sound like a bad option, this still exposes you to liability if an employee loses their footing on it. Also, neither of these are good choices for some uses like manufacturing or packaging operations.

Walking into and out of a Polar Leasing unit is as simple as opening and closing the door. Our units are at ground level, eliminating the need for ramps, steps, or climbing. For a company that needs its employees to enter and exit the refrigerated unit regularly during the day, our units offer the easiest and most effective solution.


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Short-Term or Long-Term Reefer Solutions

For short-term refrigerated storage, you might be tempted to investigate a reefer trailer rental. Consider the added costs of the fuel needed to keep the truck idling to keep the cooling units powered. Think about the inconvenience and potential risk of entering and exiting the unit, not to mention the noise and emissions.

This could be a costly mistake. While a refrigerated trailer may seem like the easiest option to choose, it’s not. When you lease a unit from Polar Leasing, the unit is delivered anywhere in the country, bringing a fully assembled and ready-to-use unit exactly where you need it.

For those who need a longer-term solution, there’s really no comparison. The fuel costs will add up over the length of a long-term lease, inflating the cost of your lease to the point where it’s most likely not the best, most cost-effective option for your company.

Once Polar Leasing has delivered your unit and you have the electricity connected, you may notice that a unit from Polar Leasing is very similar to a site-built refrigeration solution, without the costly overhead of construction.

That’s not the only advantage a Polar Leasing unit offers over having a built-in refrigeration facility. If you decide to expand, renovate or even relocate in the future, the units are easily moved to any location you need them if there’s a flat space large enough to hold them.

Spend or Save

You have only two choices when you’re looking for an on-site refrigeration solution.

The first is a refrigerated trailer that will require a continuous supply of diesel fuel to function, requiring constant attention around-the-clock. Remember that if the engine stops, so does the cooling, which could ruin your inventory.

The second option is a Polar Leasing unit that emits no noise or pollution and runs via electricity.

These units are available in any size your company needs, which offers one final advantage. If your needs grow, your unit can grow along with them. Polar Leasing can build modular refrigerated units to almost any specification.

Need a unit in a specific size? Or one that can more reliably hold the temperature steady than a refrigerated trailer? With seamless construction and door option in any size unit your company needs, Polar Leasing can provide it.

A truck running out of diesel shouldn’t be all that stands between you and having to replace thousands of dollars of inventory. That’s exactly the situation you’ll be in with a reefer trailer rental.

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