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Refrigerated/Reefer Truck Rentals

Refrigerated/Reefer Truck Rentals

There are many different reasons why you may need refrigeration capabilities on-site. For many companies, the “go-to” option is a refrigerated truck rental. However, for most people and organizations, this is most likely not the best option.

While you may think a refrigerator truck is the ultimate in convenience, there are several factors that most people don’t take into consideration when choosing their refrigeration option. Let’s look at some of the differences between a refrigerated box truck rental and a refrigeration rental unit from Polar Leasing.

Hidden Costs

Before you decide to use a box truck reefer unit for your business or event, check the price of diesel fuel. Because these rentals are a refrigeration add-on to a standard box truck, the engine must be running for the refrigeration to be powered.

This means you need to keep the truck running for the entirety of the event or operation of your business. Depending on how long you need it, the cost of the fuel you’ll need could become significant. That’s not even considering the hassle of keeping an eye on the fuel level. Also, if the truck needs refueling before the event or workday ends, you will have to arrange a way to get the fuel to the truck.

Polar Leasing units, on the other hand, are powered by on-site electrical power. This not only eliminates the risk of higher than expected fuel costs, but removes the need to keep a check on fuel levels.

All Polar Leasing units are delivered pre-assembled and ready to work. The units are great no hassle refrigeration solutions and do not require additional set up beyond having electricity connected.


With a refrigerated truck rental, the continuously-running engine brings another set of problems, specifically noise and emissions.

While you may not think of these as serious problems, they may cause you more grief than you might expect. Noise complaints at an event or from employees can become a problem. Also, the emissions from a refrigerator truck’s exhaust can not only be annoying, but they can also be harmful to the health of anyone who has to spend an extended period near the unit.

Polar Leasing units, being completely powered by electricity, avoid both problems. There are no emissions from a Polar Leasing unit, and there is no comparison between the quietness of our portable refrigeration units and a refrigerator box truck rental.

Easy Access

To enter and exit the refrigerated compartment of a box truck reefer unit, you have two choices: climb up and down in a cumbersome manner or use a ramp. Climbing up and down isn’t practical for most uses since you will likely have supplies in your hands. A ramp presents its own problems that many people don’t consider.

While a ramp seems fine for entry and exit of a refrigerated truck rental, it leaves you open to potential problems. You or an employee can slip and fall off the side of the ramp. Between liability and the potential for damage to your refrigerated items, this can be a risk you may not be willing to take.

Also, the use of a ramp to enter and exit the truck will add several feet to the amount of space the refrigerator truck will require. Depending on your situation, this may be space you don’t have or at least space you could use more productively. This extra space can also limit your choices for placement of a unit.

Polar Leasing units all offer ground-level access. Entering and exiting is as simple as opening a door and walking through it. This eliminates the potential problems and liabilities of a raised truck and makes it more convenient to place and use.


Refrigerated truck rentals are usually not designed to be refrigeration units. They are, after all, a truck first and a cooling system second.

This means that companies can sometimes be forced to make compromises in the construction of a refrigerator truck. The insulation may not be of the highest quality, or there may not be enough insulation. This is important because the insulation of a refrigeration unit is the first line of defense against moisture.

With low insulation amounts, moisture can build inside the unit, especially if the door is frequently opened and closed. This is one of the compromises that is often made in the design of a refrigerator truck.

Portable refrigeration storage units from Polar Leasing only do one thing — keep your items at the temperature you want them. With specialization comes a better command of what’s needed to do the job. Polar Leasing offers the ability to focus the design on doing that job at the highest level.

Our units are built to do the job of keeping your items cooled to a temperature anywhere between -10 degrees to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and that’s what they do. The entire design is devoted to this, which means our units are more efficient and more cost-effective than a refrigerator truck that had a cooling system added as an afterthought.

Special Requirements

Another potential shortfall awaits those who need a portable refrigeration solution to store food and other goods.

If a refrigerator box truck isn’t properly insulated or its seams aren’t properly sealed, it can lead to a buildup of moisture, as previously mentioned. What some may not realize is that this opens the door to bacteria entering the refrigeration compartment, bringing with it possible contamination.

The added costs of diesel fuel might seem small compared to the cost of having to replace the contents of a poorly-insulated refrigerated truck. Or even worse, dealing with the blowback of sick customers who ate your food.

The units at Polar Leasing give clients the best defense against this kind of tragedy happening, with a seamless design and the insulation they need to keep your food and other perishables cool, dry and bacteria-free.

No matter the size you need or the types of items you need to store, our representatives can give you the most cost-effective and best option for storing your inventory.

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