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Polar Leasing is seeking freight partners throughout the United States and Canada. As a Polar Leasing Freight Partner, you will be required to provide prompt delivery services, outstanding customer service and the ability to store a fleet of walk-in coolers and freezers.

Requirements for Polar Leasing Freight Partners include professional and licensed delivery drivers and a rollback-tilt bed truck for delivery of the mobile freezer rental or mobile cooler box rental . We also require on-site customer service and the ability to maintain an effective communication system with Polar Leasing.

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Freight Partner F.A.Q.

How do I secure the walk-in cooler to my truck bed?

D-rings are installed on all four corners of the walk-in freezer cooler unit for tie-down points to your truck bed.

Will I deliver units full of product?

No, all delivery to and from customers will be of an empty unit.

How much do the walk-in units weigh?

Model DT820 weighs 3,000lbs and model DT810 weighs 2,000lbs.

Am I required to connect or disconnect the unit from an electrical source?

No, all Polar Leasing refrigeration units will be powered up or down by a certified electrician hired by the end user.

I don’t have any inside storage. Is this needed?

Inside storage is not needed. Polar Leasing mobile freezer rental units are designed for outdoor use and can be stored outside at all times.

How often do these need delivered right away, emergency deliveries?

10% or less of our jobs require immediate delivery. Our rentals typically have a two week lead time.

How do you handle payment?

Typically, Polar Leasing submits payment the Friday following receiving the actual invoice.  We pride ourselves as being “fast payers’ and you will never have to wait more than two weeks after submitting an invoice.

Do these things just slide up my truck bed?

No, we provide casters that allow the units to roll up or down the truck bed, greatly reducing wear and tear on the bed.

Where do I put my hook to pull up the units?

Underneath each unit is a one-inch-diameter pull bar that is welded to the frame. This is your “hook point.”

Do I need to use any straps to secure the load?

No, the tie down points on all four corners of the frame are enough to secure the portable unit to your bed with chains. No other strapping needed. Such use will damage our fiberglass.

Will the walk-in unit fit between the rails of my bed?

No, our mobile freezer rental units are 8ft wide but, the body of the cooler rental units is lifted up 7 inches when the casters are installed. This puts the unit at a height clear from any obstruction from standard side-rails.

Freight Partner Requirements

  • On-site Customer Service
  • Prompt Delivery of Walk-in Units
  • Rollback-Tilt Bed Truck for Delivery
  • Outside Storage Lot with Capacity to Hold up to 10 Units
  • Maintain Effective Communication System with Polar Leasing (primarily via email)

Additional attributes are a bonus but not required

  • Access to a 40’ trailer
  • Paved lot
  • Access to a forklift,  ability to bring forklift to jobsite
  • 200v 30amp service at the storage lot to test units
  • Willingness and ability to handle light hardware repair on the units
  • Willingness and ability to perform fiberglass repair on the units
  • Ability to travel 200+ miles for deliveries/pickups

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About Polar Leasing

With both long and short-term storage solutions available, Polar Leasing specializes in temporary walk-in freezer rentals, walk-in refrigerator rentals, and portable warehousing. Designed around the specific needs of the rental market, every Polar Leasing unit is built to the highest quality standards, with a patented seamless fiberglass design. With hundreds of distribution depots nationwide and thousands of rental units available, Polar Leasing offers the largest fleet of mobile freezer rentals and mobile cooler box rentals in North America.