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The DT820RED 8×20 temperature controlled cold room is a state-of-the-art walk-in combination freezer/refrigeration unit, meticulously designed and engineered to meet customers’ precise temperature requirements. Each unit undergoes rigorous temperature validation and is equipped with a redundant refrigeration system to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

To enhance efficiency and protect the integrity of stored products, the DT820RED features vinyl strip curtains, which minimize cold loss and heat gain during access.

Robust Construction with Redundant Refrigeration

The DT820RED units are built with a heavily reinforced door, providing ample space for a 54” hand pallet jack to facilitate easy loading and unloading. This makes the DT820RED an ideal solution for customers requiring larger storage spaces where handloading is necessary.

Additionally, the heavy-duty (HD) floor is designed to withstand up to 1,200 lbs. per square foot, ensuring durability and stability. For added safety and protection, an interior bumper prevents damage to the rental unit.

Temperature Controlled Cold Room

Advanced Features for Safety and Hygiene

The DT820RED cold rooms feature an antimicrobial gel-coat finish on the interior. This NSF-approved coating inhibits the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew, maintaining a sanitary environment for stored goods.

Important Considerations

Please note that DT820RED units are designed for use with hand pallet jacks only and do not accommodate mechanized forklifts.

The DT820RED temperature controlled cold room combines advanced technology, robust construction, and thoughtful design to deliver a reliable, efficient, and hygienic storage solution for a variety of temperature-sensitive products.

About Polar Leasing 

In early 2002, Polar Leasing Company, Inc., was created by Polar King to accommodate the growing demand for walk-in refrigeration rentals. It has expanded its walk-in rental fleet to cover most of the United States and other parts of North America, offering both short- and long-term rentals to industries of all types. Within the last five years, we began the process of building a specific division dedicated to Life Science Supply Chain. Polar Leasing offers the largest all-electric fleet of temporary refrigeration, with more than 80 distribution depots and a 24/7 service hotline. For more information, visit or contact Polar Leasing, 4410 New Haven Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 USA. In an emergency, call (877) 674-1348 or write