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Think of the times when you might need backup or emergency refrigeration. The first that comes to mind is when some form of disaster strikes. But there are other times when having a dependable source for backup refrigeration is essential. For example, if your main cooler or freezer goes down and it’s going to take a few days (or weeks) to have it repaired. Or if you take on a big offsite catering job. Maybe you’re doing renovations that include the kitchen area. And don’t forget grand openings and other types of major celebrations when you can get hit with a rush of hungry customers.

Emergency Refrigeration – Both Short and Long-Term Rentals

For all those reasons, you should know Polar Leasing. Polar Leasing provides both short and long-term rentals of walk-in cooler and freezer units for restaurants and events nationwide. With the largest electric-powered refrigeration fleet in North America and hundreds of distribution depots across the U.S. and Canada, Polar Leasing frequently delivers orders within 24 hours. That’s a big advantage when an offsite job comes up unexpectedly. “People call us in a panic saying, ‘We didn’t get refrigeration. What do we do?’” says Bart Tippmann, president of Polar Leasing. “Depending on what day you call, we can often get something there by the next day.”

Emergency Refrigeration

Polar Leasing makes the ordering process easy. Simply call the 24/7 customer service hotline to request a reservation. Standard 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 20’ units are in stock, while custom sizes from 6’ x 8’ all the way up to 16’ x 65’ can be built. Once you determine the size needed, your free-standing walk-in unit is on its way, and the roll-off truck puts the unit in place. “Ninety percent of the time we drop it right where the customer wants it,” says Tippmann. “Or, we have fork slots on them so they can be moved by forklift easily.” Connect the unit to your electric source and you’re done. When you’re finished, the truck picks up the unit and returns it to the depot.

The advantages of using a groundresting unit over a refrigerated truck are many. The NSF-approved walk-ins have a 6” step, as compared with the awkward ramp-and-door configuration of trucks. The units have a fiberglass interior with lights and are dual-temp, so you can go from a cooler to a freezer by the flip of a switch. “Environmentally, it’s better than refrigerated trucks, which are very loud and exhaust diesel emissions,” says Tippmann. Most importantly the operational cost savings are substantial (see charts to the left).

So any time you need backup or emergency refrigeration, your solution should be Polar Leasing.