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Polar Leasing walk-in units require a hardwired electrical connection to the disconnect box on the back of the unit. This is a 4 wire connection and the white Neutral line must be connected.

New Style Disconnect

Old Style Disconnect


Connecting electricity to a Polar Leasing walk-in unit is a simple operation that requires only a 208-230 volt, single-phase (4 wire) connection (This is a 4 wire connection and the white Neutral line must be connected). While this is a common procedure, it is recommended that a certified electrician (in accordance with the NEC or local electrical code) connect the electricity to your walk-in unit. Here are the steps your electrician will take to bring power to the walk-in unit:

  1. The electrician will access the junction box located on the top of the unit.
  2. They will make four basic connections to provide power to the unit. Connections are to be made to the breaker terminals located in the electrical disconnect box on the exterior rear wall of the unit.
  3. With power to the breaker box off, the electrician will connect the other end of the wire to the breaker box or electrical box.

Please Note: You or your electrician will need to supply a power cable with two hot leads, one ground and one neutral. The typical electrical cord needed is a 4 wire S/O 10 gauge.

After the electricity has been connected, the unit can now be started. Depending on the specific type of unit, this is done by flipping the circuit breaker switch to the “on” position or by removing, rotating, and reinserting the fuse t-handle to the “on” position. Both are located in the disconnect box.

In lieu of an electrical connection, a generator may also be used. If you do use a generator, you will need a 12,000-watt generator for a 20-foot unit or an 8,500-watt generator for a 10-foot unit. Polar Leasing does not rent generators with our equipment.
*DT820 units require 12KW (12,000W) generator and DT810 units require 85KW (8,500W).


Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Dual Temperature Wiring Diagram
Typical Single Phase Wiring Connections
Typical Single Phase Wiring Connections for Dual Temps