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Thank You for renting from Polar Leasing, the nation’s largest electric fleet of walk-in refrigeration units! This post and video will help explain the startup procedures and what to expect upon the unit’s arrival to your location.

Polar Leasing Startup Procedures

Before Powering Up Your Unit

The location of the walk-in is important. For the unit to operate properly make sure it is placed on a flat level surface.

Please allow 4-6 feet of room on all four sides of the unit as well as the roof. Proper ventilation and service access is necessary during the rental period.

Powering Up Your Unit

*Ensure that you follow all local and state guidelines and/or ordinances when making any electrical connection.

A certified electrician will be required to make the needed electrical connections to power on the unit.

All connections will be applied in the provided grey disconnect box at the rear of the walk-in.

All Polar Leasing walk-in units require a four-wire connection.

*A neutral wire MUST be connected, or the unit will fail to operate properly.

When all connections are made, your Polar Leasing unit is now ready to be powered on.

Flip the switch on the grey disconnect box to “ON” and the unit will begin to cycle on.

Your Polar Leasing Walk-in Unit Is Now On

All Polar Leasing walk-in units can operate as a Cooler (35°F) or a Freezer (0°F)

You will find the adjustable dial thermostat on the inside wall, located just beneath the fans.

Turn the dial on the thermostat to the desired temperature.

When first using the unit, please allow 12 hours for it to achieve the setpoint established on the thermostat.

*Do not load with product until the setpoint has been reached.  Failure to do so will increase the time needed to achieve the desired temperature.

The walk-in unit is pre-programmed to go into a defrost cycle four times over a 24-hour period. During this time, the compressor and fans will not run. Condensation will be redirected to the outside of the unit through the drain line on the exterior wall.

All Polar Leasing units are equipped with bright interior lighting.

The light switch is located near the door on the inside of the unit.

Product Distribution

Please distribute the product evenly throughout the unit, allowing for proper airflow within the chamber.

Do not stack product to the ceiling near the interior fans.  Proper airflow must be maintained without restriction.

Door Openings

Do not prop the door open when loading or unloading product.  This will increase the recovery time for the unit to return to the desired temperature.

Do not remove strip curtains for any reason. They are installed to assist in maintaining the setpoint temperature.

*In extreme heat, please reduce the amount of door openings to help maintain the desired temperature.

Thank you again for choosing Polar Leasing for your refrigeration needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales representative, or directly reach out to Polar Leasing at (877) 260-7903.