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This page is designed to provide more insight into the Polar Leasing rental process and what to expect during your rental period. Below you will find information and instructional videos related to all aspects of the rental process including unit delivery, electrical requirements, operational procedures, and unit removal.

Polar Leasing has been providing walk in cooler and walk in freezer rentals throughout the United States and Canada. With thousands of rental units available and hundreds of distribution depots, Polar Leasing offers the largest electric refrigerated fleet in North America.

We offer both long- and short-term rental solutions for use during seasonal demands, grand openings, walk-in repairs, emergency situations, and other temporary storage needs. Whether you need a one-week rental for an event or a unit throughout the duration of a multi-year building expansion, Polar Leasing has you covered. We specialize in tailoring our rental solutions to your needs. Refrigerator and freezer rentals are ground-resting, walk-in units, available in 8′ x 10′ and 8′ x 20′ models.

When it comes to quality, you can trust Polar Leasing. Every walk-in unit is built to the highest quality standards with a patented seamless fiberglass construction. That means that as the outdoor conditions change, Polar Leasing units will perform as intended and maintain their efficiency.

  • Engineered for the Outdoors
  • Exceeds OSHA Standards
  • NSF certified
  • No On-site Assembly
  • No Loud Diesel Generators

For more information, or if you have specific questions, contact your Polar Leasing sales representative. For a free Instant Quote, visit our Rental Calculator. Detailed specification sheets and other resources are available in our Downloads.


Delivery of your Polar Leasing walk-in unit is a simple, straightforward process. After your signed contract has been processed, we will schedule your unit for delivery. A certified Polar Leasing delivery driver will arrive with your unit on the pre-scheduled day and time for drop off. The driver will place the unit in the location of your choosing. While the delivery process is quick and easy, there are a few things to keep in mind prior to your unit arriving:

  1. Polar Leasing units must be placed on a flat, level surface. This is important to ensure proper condensation drainage and operational performance.
  2. Keep an open area of approximately 3 feet around the condensing unit. This will ensure sufficient air ventilation to the walk-in. The condensing unit is located on the top of the unit.
  3. The condensing unit on the walk-in should be a minimum of 6 feet from any building exhaust ventilation fans.
  4. You will also want to make sure you will have adequate electrical service for your unit in close proximity. Polar Leasing requires a 30 amp service, 208-230 volt, single-phase (4 wire) connection.


Polar Leasing walk-in units require a hardwired electrical connection to the disconnect box on the back of the unit. Connecting electricity to a Polar Leasing walk-in unit is a simple operation that requires only a 30 amp service, 208-230 volt, single-phase (4 wire) connection. While this is a common procedure, it is recommended that a certified electrician (in accordance with the NEC or local electrical code) connect the electricity to your walk-in unit. Here are the steps your electrician will take to bring power to the walk-in unit:

  1. The electrician will access the junction box located on the top of the unit.
  2. They will make four basic connections to provide power to the unit. Connections are to be made to the breaker terminals located in the electrical disconnect box on the exterior rear wall of the unit.
  3. With power to the breaker box off, the electrician will connect the other end of the wire to the breaker box or electrical box.

Please Note: You or your electrician will need to supply a power cable with two hot leads, one ground and one neutral. The typical electrical cord needed is a 4 wire S/O 10 gauge.

After the electricity has been connected, the unit can now be started. Depending on the specific type of unit, this is done by flipping the circuit breaker switch to the “on” position or by removing, rotating, and reinserting the fuse t-handle to the “on” position. Both are located in the disconnect box.

In lieu of an electrical connection, a generator may also be used. If you do use a generator, you will need a 12,000-watt generator for a 20-foot unit or an 8,500-watt generator for a 10-foot unit. Polar Leasing does not rent generators with our equipment.



After the unit has been connected to the electrical source and turned on, it is important to wait at least one hour for the internal temperature to be achieved. For larger units or locations with extreme heat, this may take longer. Keep the unit door closed during the initial start-up. Refer to the exterior thermostat to ensure the proper temperature has been reached before loading the unit.

Thermostat and Temperature Adjustment

All Polar Leasing units come with an exterior thermometer and at least one interior temperature adjustment dial. The thermometer is located on the exterior of the unit, directly next to the door. The thermometer will display the current internal temperature. For temperature adjustment, simply set the temperature adjustment dial inside for your desired hold temperature.

Please Note: 1) The recommended internal temperature for coolers is 34° to 37° and 0° to -10° for freezers. 2) Four electrical defrost cycles per day are programmed at the factory. These cycles take place every 6 hours and can last up to 30 minutes.

To configure the settings on the A421 control (video instructions), complete the following steps:

  1. On the front panel, press MENU.
  2. Press MENU again to select OFF-Turn OFF Temperature.
  3. Use the UP and DOWN arrows to set the OFF Temperature.
  4. Press MENU repeatedly to select ON-Turn ON Temperature.
  5. Use the UP and DOWN arrows to set the ON Temperature.
  6. Press MENU and press the UP and DOWN arrows simultaneously to exit the setup menu.


Walk-In Refrigerator and Freezer Interior Features

Prior to Pick-Up

So, you’re finished with your Polar Leasing walk-in rental unit, now what? After you have finished using your Polar Leasing unit, simply contact your sales representative, and they will work with you to coordinate pick up. Before Polar Leasing comes to get the unit, there are just a few things to do:

  • Remove all product from inside the unit
  • Disconnect electricity
  • Clean the interior of the unit – do not use bleach or ammonia
  • Inspect for damage


Once you have contacted Polar Leasing and scheduled a day and time for pick-up, a delivery driver will arrive at your location to collect the rental unit. Picking up the unit is as straightforward as the delivery. Simply allow enough room for the transportation truck to gain access and ensure there are no obstructions near the unit. The driver will load the unit back onto the truck and return it to the nearest depot location.

Other Considerations

Polar Leasing vs. Refrigerated Trailers, Trucks

If you’re considering a reefer trailer or truck, please consider the higher operating costs, stairs to climb, corrugated flooring, diesel engine noise, and diesel gas smell. Like Polar Leasing, you will have a rental and delivery/pick-up cost, but you will also incur a running meter cost and fuel costs.

1 Week Trailer/Truck Rental
$1,190 = $170/day Rental Rate
$300 = Delivery, Pick-Up Rate
$252 = $1.50/hour Running Meter
   $546 = $3.25/gallon Diesel Fuel
$2,288 = Average Total Cost

Polar Leasing vs. Refrigerated Shipping Containers

If considering a refrigerated shipping container, consider the temperature spikes that result from the extra large swing door. Also, the corrugated flooring can allow dirt and bacteria to accumulate. Lastly, the weight is approximately 10,000 lbs for a 40′ unit, and they typically require 480 volt power supplies. Polar Leasing units can save an average of 62% in operating costs, compared to a refrigerated shipping container.

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