Polar Leasing Rhode Island Provides Convenient Refrigerated and Freezer Storage Solutions 

Freestanding walk-in units set directly on the ground, providing a safe work environment and easy access to products. Plus, our compact footprint can fit within the boundaries of one single parking space and operate off a simple electrical connection. No loud generators and no diesel fumes. With both short and long-term rental options, Polar Leasing is the perfect option for your next project or emergency situation. 

Rhode Island Emergency Refrigeration and Freezer Rentals

With the potential for thousands of dollars in products and productivity lost every day due to failed refrigeration and freezer systems, emergency and supplemental refrigeration can be essential to keep your business operational. Renting an emergency or additional walk-in refrigeration unit will not only allow you to minimize downtime but to do so without capital expenditure. Highly efficient and extremely durable, our temporary Rhode Island refrigeration rental and Rhode Island freezer rental units are intended to withstand any outside temperature while maintaining the set temperature inside. Polar Leasing Rhode Island can deliver a walk-in cooler or freezer unit anywhere in the state of Rhode Island.   

Polar Leasing Units are Built to Last

Polar Leasing rental units are engineered specifically for outdoor use. Every unit is built to withstand the outdoor elements and the heavy abuse often associated with rental equipment, so you can be certain your walk-in will look like new when it arrives. With thousands of units being used across the country and in the state of Rhode Island, these units offer worry-free operation under the worst conditions.

Contact Polar Leasing Rhode Island

Polar Leasing Rhode Island provides cooler and freezer rental units throughout the state of Rhode Island. Rental units are available in a variety of sizes and operation temperatures, with custom sizes and larger rental units also available. As a service-oriented company, the goal of Polar Leasing sales representatives is to educate our customers about our products as well as provide them with the best solutions for their temporary refrigeration and freezer needs. All rental units are NSF certified, energy efficient and are a great solution for emergency refrigeration needs. To find a Polar Leasing depot in the state of Rhode Island, contact Polar Leasing Rhode Island at (877) 458-7374 or by email at sales@polarleasing.com.

Call (877) 458-7374 for more details on rental units we offer in Rhode Island.